Key Issues & Programs


Key Issues

Case Focus

Having experience in Investigations, it is understood all cases are worked differently.  Empathy and communication is a must from all members involved in any investigations to keep families updated.  The general investigations will be separated into property crimes, missing persons unit, domestic violence unit, homicide division, cold case unit, violent crimes unit, motor vehicle theft unit, fraud unit, and sex crimes unit.  This will give investigators the opportunity to focus on their cases to bring the best results for each victim.

Highway Safety

To keep our highways safe we have to use our resources and manpower wisely.  In doing so an interdiction team will be deployed to keep illegal drugs out of our community.


Nationwide we as law enforcement agencies are having trouble with recruiting and retaining officers to serve within the community.  I will develop a recruiting division to focus on bringing in the best candidates for the agency.


Developing a training facility to provide our officers the best training to provide the best service in the community.

Intelligence Unit

Developing an Intelligence Unit to assist with criminal analysis. The Intelligence Unit will collect, analyze, & disseminate timely, accurate, actionable data to affected personnel in support of crime reduction and community safety.

Unspoken Gift Program

This program was developed to build bonds and relationships with families that lost a loved one to homicide.  The program started with 2 children and has grown to almost 30 with the help of partnerships.

Delightful Harvest Program

This program is designed to provide thanksgiving food boxes to less fortunate families who have come in contact with law enforcement due bad choices they made.  In result we want them to understand we are still here to help them and engage with them so these decisions don’t happen again. 

Youth Citizen's Police Academy

This program is designed to educate our youth.  The youth will attend a week long training where they learn about all divisions of the Sheriff’s Office.  At the end there will be a graduation ceremony for them.